Types of Activities
Welcome to ACTIVITIES! This page contains information about the types of Events/Activities offered by NBNC. (Note that the terms EVENT and ACTIVITY are used interchangeably.) For many, Activities are the highlight of one's membership. Your Activity Director and Board Of Directors (BOD) strive to create Events with broad appeal to satisfy a range of interests and tastes. Ideas for Activities are from three sources: 
     1. Those popular in the past.
     2. New Activities in Brunswick County and the Greater Wilmington Area. This is done by subscribing to area newsletters, reading a range of local, and regional publications, searching online, and listening when socially engaged. 
     3. Member input.

DEFINITION: An Activity is any NBNC event, meeting, or gathering that is not part of a Monthly Meeting. They fall into three broad types:
Non-Dining Event
This is any Event that does not fit into the Dining or Games categories. It includes but is not limited to hiking, biking, guided tours, self-guided tours, cultural events, spectator events, participatory events, and others.
Dining Events
Dining Events are just what they sound like and are held monthly at various venues.  They may be for ladies only, men only, or open to all members. Dining Events could be breakfast, lunch, brunch, or dinner. Occasionally, they might be associated with non-dining Events. If we are not scheduling Dining Events that satisfy your culinary tastes, we encourage you to provide input for new Dining Events.
Being an Activity Leader is not a significant time commitment. A description of Activity Leader responsibilities is presented on the Homepage under the Activity Leaders tab. Contact the Activities Director if you have ideas or wish to assist with any Event.