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June 14, 2019
Spring Celebration at Shell Island Resort
Speaker Lt. William Craig Elliott, USN (Retired)

Mr. Elliott is the author 2 books:  Mike Blackstone, NIS Special Agent - Assignment: Naples, Italy (Book #1) and Mike Blackstone, Private Investigator – Assignment: Cheating Spouses (Book #2)

The Mike Blackstone series is fiction but based on exciting and sometimes dangerous real-life experiences and events of Mr. Elliott's career in the 1980’s in Naples, Italy as well as his work as a Private Investigator in North Carolina after he retired from the Navy.  Mr. Elliott invites our members to learn about the life of real PI’s compared to how TV portrays them.  He shares that “Mike Blackstone is the real-life Thomas Magnum from the television series “Magnum PI”.  He and his wife Pat live near Southport, North Carolina.