For all meetings, our speakers will be recorded. Members will be able to access videos of the speakers presentation through our website.
Our Speakers Include
Mr. Gary Vidmar, Director Leland Economic & Community Development and Mr. Wyatt Richardson, Director Parks and Recreation
Ms. Julie Wilsey,  ILM Airport Director
Jessie Labell, Mgr. Lower Cape Fear Historical Society at Latimer House
Mr. John Grimes, Leland Emergency Management
Mr. Chris Langlois, Leland Fire Chief
Ms. Shelley Morse, Director; Osher Life Long Learning Institute at UNC Wilmington.
Robin Triplett; owner of ‘Trip with Triplett”
Stephanie Bowen; Executive Director, Brunswick Family Assistance
Mr. Aaron Perkins, Director Brunswick Parks and Recreation
Mr. Tyler Witkofsky, Public Information Officer at Brunswick Regional Water and
Sewer (H2GO)