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Our next NBNC meeting will be at 10am on Friday November 18th, at the Leland Cultural Arts Center. This is a one week's delay to respect Veteran's Day.
Message From Our President
Dear Members,
            I hope you were able to use the good information that our speaker from The League of Women Voters provided us a few months back and voted in your new precincts.  Ann and I voted early at the good ole' Leland Cultural Arts Center.  The volunteers here sure are nice, aren't they?    The LCAC is beginning to be a familiar place to us. 
            Please note from the banner above that out of respect for Veteran's Day, we're meeting the following Friday, November 18th.  Same time, same place: 10AM at the LCAC. Come early as always for coffee and snacks.   
            We have two really good speakers lined up for you.  Christine Lamberton is the museum director of the Burgwin-Wright House and Gardens in Wilmington, and Brenda Bozeman, who is the Mayor of the Town of Leland. With these two brilliant speakers, I'm sure it will be a good meeting.
            Lastly, we'll be talking about filling Board positions for our next club year (Sept '23 - June '24). NBNC is a volunteer organization, and we wouldn't be able to carry it on without our fantastic Board volunteers.  We will have a couple of key positions to fill next year, so please consider volunteering. The success of our club depends on it.
            Enjoy Veteran's Day weekend, and I'll see you November 18th
For the Board of Directors,
Jim Stevens
President NBNC
Carolina Coast Attractions Book
The 2022-23 "Carolina Coast Attractions Book" is available for purchase ($25). For those from the North, these are the same as  the Entertainment Books with which you may be familiar. They are filled with opportunities to save money when dining or exploring the Greater Wilmington and Brunswick County areas. If interested in purchasing or for more information, please contact Steve Givens at spgivens@gmail.com or 816-522-7571. We will deliver Attraction Books to your home if that is convenient for you.
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Budget/Minutes/Treasury Reports
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Spring Celebration 2023
A Spring Celebration is planned for June 2023. The date, location, and details will be announced in the spring of 2023. 
Click here for an overview of the party!
Community Volunteer Opportunities
Additional Opportunities
Lower Cape Fear Hospice
Covid-19 Vaccine Information
The information and links here are provided as a service to our members by your Board of Directors.
The website link above is the official Brunswick County COVID-19 website. It provides information on vaccines, including who is eligible  and how to get an appointment.  Be aware that vaccine supplies can vary by day and location. See the Brunswick County website, newspapers, TV, and radio for current information.
Donate to the NB Newcomers Club
The North Brunswick Newcomers Club is an IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We are an all-volunteer, social organization. We serve our members from Brunswick County through informational meetings featuring speakers from area civic, charitable, non-profit, and other organizations that may be of general interest. We also sngage members by organizing more than 75 events in Brunswick County and the Greater Wilmington Area each membership year. Our budget is almost exclusively from membership dues. If you would like to support the Club's efforts to welcome and engage those new to the area by donating, contact us HERE.
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